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pregnancy yoga

Join others on this incredible journey of pregnancy.

Start to build your village while you strengthen and nourish mind and body in preparation for an empowering birth and postpartum.

Why pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga supports you through the constant emotional and physical changes of pregnancy. A regular practice during pregnancy will help you build strength, stability and focus whilst cultivating softness, acceptance and deep bodily awareness to support you through pregnancy, labour and the postpartum. The emphasis is on gentle movement to relieve physical tension and to create strength, flexibility and body awareness and improve posture and breathing. 


Pregnancy yoga encourages mother-baby bonding and we work with visualisations, mantras and mudras to support and develop this connection. As you build trust and awareness of yourself and your baby you'll feel more empowered to have the birth and postpartum that you desire and the tools that you learn during these classes will support you in this process.

Community is an invaluable resource that is often undervalued in our individualist society but I firmly believe that building community and connecting with other pregnant people navigating a similar journey, sharing stories and being listened to is salve for our souls. It allows us to build friendships and build our village which I believe is crucial for our overall wellness.

You'll learn pranayama (breath work) which calms the nervous system and lowers cortisol levels. Working with your physiology in this way allows you to surrender to the fullness of the prenatal and birth process. Our breath is one of the greatest tools we have that can positively impact upon our birth experience. 

who is it for

These classes are suitable for those new to yoga as well as those with an established yoga practice. You are welcome to join us anytime after 13 weeks gestation. 


You'll have the autonomy to practice in a way that feels good to you. There will be adaptions and props to assist you in the most supportive way so that you feel great from the inside out.

If you prefer to practice at home a 1:1 session can be a wonderful way to explore the benefits of yoga during this time. These sessions are designed to suit your individual needs and preferences. 


* no group classes currently running - please get in touch for private 1:1 pregnancy yoga & holistic birth education sessions


Prenatal yoga has the following benefits:

Eases muscular and physical tension

- Alleviates  common pregnancy ailments such as back pain, sciatica

- Builds strength and stamina for birth

- Reduces pain in labour

- Connects you with the birthing muscles through yogic breath work

Calms the nervous system - positive impact on you and baby

- Reduces stress and anxiety 

- Encourages optimal fetal positioning for a shorter and easier labour

- Gives you space and time to connect to yourself and baby

- Improves sleep quality

- Supports you to tune into your deep inner knowing and intuition

- Relaxation for birth - regular practice of methods like visualisation and breathwork allow you to achieve calm states much more easily

- Improves muscle tone recovery after birth

- Meeting other local pregnant people to build that much needed support network

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“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves." 
― Myla and Jon kabat-zinn

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